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Dentzel Stander, Listner with Roses
Cat. No. dslr

This is a Dentzel Listner Stander, she is full size ,
She measures 60 inches tall, 64 inches long and 13 inches wide.
This horse is all white horse, with a white mane and tail shaded in grays.
Lots of roses, on the bridle, Breast collar and behind the saddle.
She has a deep red maroon saddle with blue highlights and shading .Bright pink and Yellow roses,with green leaves. Her blankets are colorful blue, pinks, and greens .
Included in the price are the brass poles, and ball top, and a gold cast iron base. All ready to go !
Yes, she is almost finished.....
She is truley a beautiful, unusual, carousel horse...she can be finished your colors and be ready for Holiday delivery.....

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